How to Clean Glass Table Without Streaks

Short answer
Each spot that needs cleaning, apply a tiny quantity of glass cleaner or diluted vinegar and let sit for around 30 seconds. To remove the cleaning solution and the dirt, use kitchen towels.

You are aware that a glass table top on your favorite piece of furniture can really make it stand out—until fingerprints, crumbs, or dust get on it. The good news is that it’s not too difficult to make your glass table top sparkling clean once more. These four methods will help you clean your glass tabletop.

Step 1: Clear the Space

Clearing the area by removing anything off the top of the table is the first step to having a spotlessly clean table top. Be careful to take off any plates, glasses, or table runners before using your glass table top for meals. Remove any ornaments, books, or coasters if your tabletop serves as an accent or coffee table. It is only feasible to fully clean a surface when it is entirely clear.

Step 2: Use a Dry Cloth to Wipe

You should start by clearing away as much dust and non-sticky messes as you can.

You may quickly accomplish this by wiping off your glass table top with a dry microfiber cloth.

Step 3: Repeat the cleaning process with water.

Once the dried debris has been eliminated, it’s time to use some water to thoroughly clean your glass table top. Spray your table surface with simple, hot water to start. After that, clean the glass with a microfiber cloth. Because it won’t leave streaks or react with the glass or other unidentified compounds contained in cleansers, water is a good cleaning solution. Until your table surface is clear, keep wiping while paying special attention to sticky locations.

Spray some vinegar on any tough stains that the water simply can’t seem to get rid of, then wipe the area with a dry, clean microfiber cloth.

Step 4: Shine and Dry

Your glass table top has to be entirely dry after you’ve wiped off all of the dust, fingerprints, and sticky stains off it to avoid leaving any streaks on the freshly cleaned surface. Simply wipe the area with a dry, clean microfiber towel until there is no longer any vinegar or water left behind. Use newspaper to polish your tabletop even more and get rid of any last bits of fluff or dust on your linens. Simply gather an old sheet of paper and ball it up. The table should then be thoroughly cleaned to a dazzling shine.

A spotless glass table top is one method to give your dining table, accent table, coffee table, or wet bar a lovely finishing touch. As you can see from these four procedures, maintaining it clean and shiny is not too difficult. You only need a little water and a microfiber cloth to restore your furniture’s lustre.


Why is my glass table always streaky?
When cleaning goods that you want to dazzle, it is usually better to use distilled water instead of water from the tap since it frequently contains minerals and other substances that can give glass a streaky or hazy look.

Can you use Windex on glass table?
When it comes to cleaning glass, ready-made glass cleaners like Windex, Method (Glass + Surface), Perfect Glass, Pine-Sol (diluted), and other solutions all essentially require the same application: spray them on the grimy surface and then wipe them off with a clean, dry cloth.

How do you remove streaks from glass?
1 cup of rubbing alcohol and 1 tablespoon of vinegar should be combined. The fast evaporation of this solution guarantees streak-free glass. Use a solution of ammonia and hot, soapy water to clear hazy glass. Apply petroleum jelly to the problem region and let it sit for a day or two if that doesn’t help.

How do you clean a smeared glass table?
Simply put one cup of alcohol, one cup of vinegar, and one cup of clear water in a clean spray container. You could make your own glass cleaner at home and never buy it again. Once your cleaner is prepared, use a sponge or a soft, dry cloth to remove any debris from the surface of the glass.

Does vinegar clean glass?
Insider’s conclusion. For washing windows and mirrors, a vinegar and water combination works well and is safe to use. Use a spray bottle to mix equal parts vinegar and distilled water to clean your windows.

Is a glass table hard to keep clean?
The upkeep and cleaning of a glass dining room table are quite simple. To maintain it in good condition, wipe it down frequently with a moist cloth. If spills do happen, a quick wipe will do. There is no need to use cleaning chemicals to maintain the brilliance of glass because it does not tarnish or fade with time.

How do you polish a glass table top?
Use glass or window cleaner to clean the surface (you could also use a newspaper, vinegar, or lemon juice), and then wipe it dry with kitchen roll. Use a soft cloth and a metal polish, such as Brasso, to gently work it in. You may also try a solution of water, white non-gel toothpaste, and baking soda.

Why does newspaper clean glass so well?
It is perhaps because of the newsprint’s great absorbency that it is so good at washing windows. Instead of merely moving the liquid about, it actually absorbs it. Additionally, since glass is a smooth, non-porous surface, ink does not attach to it the way it does to wood molding.

How do I protect my glass dining table?
Make use of decorative coasters, runners, and placemats.
Use a beautiful placemat as protection. For glass and mugs, coasters are also an option. Use a stylish runner over the top of your glass table top as an alternative.

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