How to Hang Canvas With Command Hooks


  • After painting, wait seven days before using.
  • From the frame’s rear, remove the hanging hardware.
  • Apply rubbing alcohol on the wall. Use neither water nor common household cleansers.


  • Red eyeliner, remove. Stick the hanger using glue. Per canvas, use one hanger.
  • Take off the black liner. For 30 seconds, securely attach the hanger to the wall.
  • Allow the glue to develop for an hour.


Can you hang canvas with Command hooks?
Your canvas prints, paintings, and decorations can be quickly and easily hung with CommandTM Canvas Picture Hangers. Place your canvas image on the canvas hanger after it has been attached to the wall, and you’re done!

How much weight will command hooks hold?
16 pounds. The big strips can support an item that is 24 to 36 inches long and up to 16 pounds in weight. There is a 4 pound weight limit on the thinner hanging strips.

Can command strips hold up canvas?
Canvases up to 1.5″ deep can be held by Command Large or Jumbo Canvas Hangers.

Why do my command hooks keep falling?
The glue may have trouble creating a solid bind if there is any dust, debris, or residue present. I suggest using a Magic Eraser to clean the area because it’s quick, simple, and effective on most surfaces. Rub the area with rubbing alcohol after using the Magic Eraser to get it completely clean.

How do you hang canvas without damaging walls?
Implement adhesive hooks. The majority of artwork may be easily hung without damaging the walls using adhesive hooks, which are available at most hardware or dollar stores. They can hold up to 15 pounds, which is sufficient to securely hang the majority of artwork, and they are designed to attach to most surfaces.

How long do command strips last?
In general, command strips were made to endure forever, even if a few years could be more reasonable.

Do Command strips peel paint?
When decorating a wall, command strips come in handy since they make it possible to hang pictures and other items without damaging the wall. However, if they are not removed properly, the paint may come off and damage your wall.

Do you have to use rubbing alcohol for Command strips?
By waiting an hour, you may be confident that the glue has had enough time to firmly adhere to the wall or other surface. In the event that cleaning is required, 3M advises using isopropyl rubbing alcohol.

How do you make command hooks stick better?
Slide the hook up and off the mounting base to ensure that the glue sticks firmly. For the next 30 seconds, push the base firmly against the wall. Put the hook back in place. Before hanging anything on the hook, wait an hour.

Do Command strips mark the wall?
Wood, tile, glass, painted, hollow, and other surfaces all respond well to CommandTM adhesive’s strong adhesion. Using 3M stretch-release technology, it comes off without damaging the plaster and leaves no holes, cracks, or sticky residue behind.

Can you hang pictures with Command hooks?
You can hang pictures without using tools or nails using Command Picture Hanging Strips. These wall hangers are excellent for hanging wooden letters, acoustic foam boards, nursery decor, gallery walls, and more in addition to photo frames.

Why are my command strips falling?
You don’t apply enough pressure. The strip will cling to the wall more effectively the more force you exert when putting them. Make sure you follow the directions precisely and push hard all down the strip, not just in one area.

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